2016 MSc abstracts
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Name Supervisor Title Abstract

Effects of Variety and Storage Methods of Cassava Planting Cuttings on Establishment and Early Growth Vigour

Benndette Kosgei Prof Muthomi Effect of seed quality and soil borne pathogens on diseases presure on common bean Abstract
Esther Kareithe Dr Ambuko Feasbility of coolbolt cold storage technology to preserve qaulity and extend shelf life of Mango fruits Abstract
Fabiola Peter Langa Dr. Maina Muiru

Effects of Threshing Methods, Moisture Content And
Endosperm Types On Threshability and Selected Sorghum
(Sorghum bicolor L. moench) seed quality parameters

Flano Alex Muremi Prof  Muthomi Management of pests and diseases in snap beans by use of microbial antagonists and plant extracts Abstract
Odongo Meso Hilda Dr. D.Miano

Distribution of Cassava Bacterial Blight and Reaction of Elite Cassava Genotypes to The Disease in Kenya


Carolyne Kambura Dr. Kilalo Diversity of host preverence of Tephritid fruit fly spp infesting cumber and major horticultural crops grown in lower coastal Kenya Abstract


Diversity of weed and their integrated management practices in paddy rice (oryza sativa) productiON


Lagat Samson Prof. Chemining'wa

Evaluation of egg plant accessions for phenotypic traits and water stress

Lengai Geraldin Prof Muthomi Efficacy of plant extracts in the management of diseases and pests of tomato as alternatives of synthetic pestcides Abstracts
Mable Mulanya Prof Kimani Genetic control of phot period sensitivity Abstract
Stephen Maloba Dr. Ambuko Application of ethophon and pottasium nitrate to induce off season flowering and fruit production in magoes Abstract
Ann Kimani Prof Olubayo  Utilization of lighted candle and sealing methods in metal silos for management of the larger grain borer, Prostephanus truncatus (horn) (Coleoptera; bostrichidae) in stored maize Abstract
Justus Osundwa Prof. Paul Mbugua Social economic Impacts of camel stocking in drought prone pastrol communities of Kajiado and Ngurunit Abstract
Ndiritu Moses Dr. Kilalo Potential of entomopatohogenic nematodes as biological control tool Abstract
Raphael Khaemba Dr Kinama Effect of practice on soil moisture content growth and yield  of selected cow pea varieties Abstract
Sara Njau Prof Kimani Selection for yield potential disease resistance and canning quality Abstract
Elizabeth Gathogo Prof Cheming'wa Growth and yield performance under diferent fertilzer regimes Abstract