Faculty Postgraduate Studies Committee
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  • Represent the department in the Faculty postgraduate committee
  • Review PhD proposals and advise the department on quality assurance of postgraduate programs


James W. Muthomi

James W. Muthomi is an Associate Professor of  Plant Pathology in the Department of Plant Science and Crop Protection, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Nairobi, Kenya. He has 21 years research and teaching experience at the University of Nairobi.  Before taking up the teaching job at the University, Prof. Muthomi was a resident Plant Pathologist and assistant Manager at Kibwezi Irrigation Project (1993-1995) and a District Crop Protection Officer, Kitui District, with the Ministry of Agriculture (1993).

Prof. Muthomi received his professional training for BSc (1987-1990), MSc (1990-1993) and PhD (1987-2001) at the University of Nairobi and University of Bonn, Germany. He has had other short term professional trainings which include: Basic German language (Goethe Institute, Bremen, Germany, June-September 1997);  Proposal Writing for International Research Projects (DAAD, Nairobi, 2005 and 2006); Application of Phytosanitary Measures (Centre of Phytosanitary Excellence-COPE, Nairobi); Advanced Course on the Quality and Safety of Horticultural Crops (Nanjing Agricultural University, China, September 2006); Seed Quality Assurance (Iowa State University, USA, April/ May 2010); Curriculum Development, Professionalism and Ethics in Agricultural Sciences, Sanitary/ Phytosanitary Systems and Mycotoxins in Foods (University of Missouri-Columbia, USA, August-December 2012).Read more

Prof. Rama D. Narla

Prof. Rama D. Narla has been an academic member of staff for the last twenty six years in the Department of plan Science and Crop Protection. Prof. Narla holds a PhD in Microbiology from Osmania University, Hyderabad, India and an MSc in Mycology and Plant Pathology from Barnaras Hindu University and BSc in Agriculture from Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University in India.

Since joining the University in 1989, Prof. Narla has actively engaged in research, student training and outreach in key areas of Plant Pathology, Virology and general crop protection.

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