Cheerful Ngong Hills Tree Planting Event
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University of Nairobi team that participated in Ngong Hills tree planting event which was led by Prof. Agnes Mwangombe, Principal CAVS.

One of the core values that drive the University of Nairobi towards the direction of success is respect for and conservation of the environment. In upholding and demonstrating leadership in environmental conservation, students and staff members from CAVS participated in a tree planting activity at Ngong Hills.

Among the invited guests present were Prof. Isaac Mbeche, DVC (Student Affairs) and Prof. Peter M. Ngau, Principal College of Architecture and Engineering.  International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) and Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) representatives were also present.  

Prof. Isaac Mbeche, who also represented the Vice Chancellor, congratulated CAVS members for showing leadership in initiatives geared towards conserving the environment in Kenya. “I’m happy over the years you have managed to partner with like-minded individuals for this noble course of protecting the environment. I thank them all for their support”. He recapped. 

On his part, Prof. Peter Ngau added that the activity will not only ensure greening of the environment, but also a continuous flow of fresh water that is essential for wildlife.

The active participation of Prof. Agnes Mwang’ombe, Principal CAVS, has helped strengthen University of Nairobi’s move to cut a niche in environmental conservation. The tree planting event at Ngong hills was intended to push for assimilation between the sprouting real estate sector and environmental conservation. It sought to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings and construction activities through supporting efficiency and moderation in use of energy, materials and development space.

According to UN FAO, 6.1% or about 3, 467,000 ha of Kenya is forested. Of this, less than 2.175 comprise of indigenous forests. This is less than the recommended crown cover of 10-30% per (Kyoto Protocol). Loss of tree cover has impacted negatively on our climate, therefore leading to extended drought periods and disruptions of animal production and agricultural sector. As a result, poverty levels have risen.

CAVS will continue conducting such noble activities and strengthen links with collaborators.  

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Fri, 2015-05-29 13:14
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