Consultancy and advisory services to farmers and agro-chemical industries
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Department of Crop Science and Crop Protection

Members of department of Plant Science of Crop Protection provide consultancy services on disease and pet diagnostics and provide service to screen all groups of pesticides that include; fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, adjuvants and growth promoters of chemical and biological nature that are used to control insects, diseases and weeds in horticultural crops like vegetables, fruits and flowers, in different seasons to establish the effect of the products.

We the members of above department over the years with experience have developed methods/protocols to conduct field, green house and laboratory testing of agro chemicals and biologicals that improve crop yields by protecting them from pests and diseases. Some of the crops we had worked with are shown in the pictures. Evaluations/testing is done with uttermost care and results and reports are produced to highly satisfied agro-chemical industry players and farmers

Maize field with Weeds

Untreated Maize

Untreated and treated with herbicide maize field

Treated with herbicide & maize field clean of weeds

Testing of biological pestcides under green house conditions

Sweet peppers ready for testing

Rose crops used for testing

Healthy Mangoes

Hanging the traps that attract fruit flies to contol fruit infestation


Typical trap to attract the flies

Transparent trap where insects attracted and killed can be seen


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