Post-graduate project coordination
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  • Coordinate projects and thesis presentations

Prof. James W. Muthomi, Phd (UoN) MSc (UoN) BSc (UoN)

Prof. James W. Muthomi is a senior lecturer and plant pathologist in the Department of Plant Science and Crop Protection, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Nairobi, Kenya. He has 18 years research and teaching experience at the University of Nairobi.  Currently, he is the head of Crop Protection section and coordinator of Open and Distance Learning MSc Crop Protection in the Department of Plant Science and Crop Protection. Research interests include management of mycotoxins in cereals, legume diseases and plant disease management Read more

Dr. Maina Muiru, PhD(UoN), MSc(UoN), BSc(UoN)

I obtained my PhD degree in Plant Pathology in 2008 from the University of Nairobi. I have been involved in teaching, research and outreach activities in crop protection. I am currently the head of the Plant Pathology Unit of the Department. Read more about Dr. Maina Muiru.




DR.Lukachi Jane Ambuko

PhD (Tsukuba University -Japan) Msc (UoN) BSc(UoN)


 I am a lecturer in the department of Plant Science and Crop Protection, a position I have held since October 2008. As part of my responsibilities and duties in the department, I have been involved in teaching, research and outreach activities in Horticulture, which is my area of specialization. I am currently the head of the Horticulture unit of the department. I have also held other positions of responsibility in the department including coordination of examinations, coordination of students’ research projects and the Msc Horticulture (ODEL) Program read more

PhD(UoN) MSc(University of E.Angalia)


Dr.Kinama is a Senior Lecturer Agrometeorologist and head of Agronomy in the department of Plant science and Crop protection. He is currently college representative to the university exhibition committee, he is the chairman of the exhibition and shows at the Faculty of Agriculture which is responsible for showcasing College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences (CAVS) academic programs innovations and outreach to key stakeholders in the agricultural sector. Read more

Prof. P. M. Kimani

Prof. P. M. Kimani received both an M. Sc. in Agronomy and PhD in Genetics and Plant Breeding from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in a record three and half years in July 1983. He has extensive research and teaching experience in genetics and plant breeding, agronomy, seed science and technology which he has taught to both undergraduate and graduate students in the last 29 years. His major interests include teaching, variety development, agronomy of both field and horticultural crops and technology transfer among smallholder farmers. Prof. Kimani has worked for several years with smallholders in most of the high, medium potential and arid and semi-arid areas of Kenya in developing, testing of new varieties on-farm and development of informal seed dissemination channels and farmer