Message from the Chairman
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It is my pleasure to introduce to you the Department of Plant Science and Crop Protection.This Website provides a very significant window through which our Vision,Mission,key services and products can be highlighted.  A visit through our Department will reveal an intellectual powerhouse  based on a unique diversity of expertise that is committed to underpin the challenges of crop production in tropical environment. 

 In addition to generating and imparting knowledge, the Department offers a comprehensive range of services to the greater Kenyan community.  Key among these are advisory and consultancy service to farmers, tailor-made courses, outreach services, production of farmer manuals, and participation  in agricultural flora.

The Department structure has two sections; Crop Science and Crop Protection and six thematic units; Plant Pathology, Entomology, Plant Breeding, Agronomy, Horticulture and Biometrics.  Each of the units is endowed with highly qualified academic and technical support staff.  The proportion of academic staff with terminal degrees (PhDs) stands at 80%. Most of the staff members have long standing experience in research and teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The department has unlimited access to irrigated land for field –based research and greenhouses for controlled experimentation.  The laboratory infrastructure is well established and under continuous upgrading.

Given that Agriculture is still the backbone of the economy and the main source of export earnings, the Department of Plant Science and Crop Protection will continue to play a pivotal role towards improving livelihoods of the Kenya population.  Research geared towards removing the impediments to sustainable and profitable crop production is the hallmark of this Department.  Consequently, significant breakthroughs have been made particularly in Diagnostics of Crop Pests and Diseases, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Crop Improvement, Biotechnology, and Appropriate Crop Husbandry Technologies.  In response to the magnitude of the challenges, the Department has established local and international partnerships with institutions and scientists.  This has expanded opportunities for capacity building, knowledge sharing and fund raising.

I wish to conclude by registering my gratitude for the solid support from all members of staff and students.  It is through their dedication, resourcefulness and endless sacrifices that the Department furthers her Mission and Vision.


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