Past Research Projects in Plant Science and Crop Protection

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Past Projects

Project Name Sponsor Start Year End YearAmountProject Link
Development Of Integrated Management Methods For Banana Weevil In Central Province

KARI,National Council for Science and Technology

Principal invesitgators: Dr.  Shelminth Waruguru, Prof. J. Kimenju & D. Kilalo

2012 2014 Kshs. 2,000,000.00 View Details
Passion Fruit Diagnostics And Identification Of Passion Fruit Viruses

University of Nairobi, BecA-Hub ILRI, KEPHIS, KARI

2012 2012 Kshs. 2,000,000.00 View Details
Enhancing Production, Value Addition And Marketing Of Indigenous Vegetables (cowpea, Spider Plant, Nightshades, Amaranth, Pumpkin), French Beans And Mushrooms Among Smallholder Farmers In Kenya

 Kenya Agricultural Productivity and Agribusiness Program (KAPAP)

Principal Investigators: Prof. A. W. Mwang’ombe,Dr. M. Hutchinson, Prof. J. Nderitu Mount Kenya University,


2011 2014 Kshs 3,866,463.00 View Details
Enhancing Kenya’s Food Security In The Face Of Climate Change Through Improved Potato Productivity

Collaborators: KARI -Tigoni

Principal Investigators:Dr. R. Nyankanga Dr. Charles Lungaho  ,Prof. S. Shibairo


2011 2014 Kshs 1,800,000.00 View Details
Occurrence And Evaluation Of Maize Germplasm To Common Rust Disease In Kenya

UoN Deans Committee grant

Principal investigator: Dr. W. Muiru

2011 2014 Kshs. 250,000.00 View Details
Enhancing Cassava Productivity, Value Addition And Market Access For Food And Feed And Nutritional Security: Empowering Women Farmers At The Kenyan Coast

Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI)

Principal Investigators: Prof. A.W. Mwang’ombe, Dr. R. Mwinga, Prof N . Karanja, Prof S.K, Mbugua,,Dr. T. Munga, Prof. F. Olubayo, Dr. K. Ngugi



2011 2013 Kshs. 10,426,840 View Details
Multipurpose Legumes And Management Strategies For Reinvigorating And Maintaining The Health And Productivity Of Smallholder Mixed Farming Systems.

 Mcknight Foundation

Principal investigators:Dr. J. W. Muthomi, Dr. Ojiem, Prof. J. H. Nderitu, Dr. S. Mwonga

2011 2013 Kshs. 2,000,000.00 View Details
Conserve And Screen Premimium Value Indigenous Plant Biodiversity And Products On Small-holder Farming Systems Of Lake Basin In East Africa


Principal investigators: Dr. Namutebi (makerere) and Prof. L. S. Akundabweni


2011 2013 US$. 30,000 View Details
Mechanisms For Multiplication And Distribution Of Disease Free Planting Material For Improved Passion Fruit Production

National Council for Science and Technology

Principal investigators: Dora C. Kilalo, Dr. M. Hutchinson, Mr. Kori Njuguna, Dr Esther Kimani, Mrs. Lucy Njenga, Mrs. Lydia Njuguna

2011 2013 Ksh. 2,000,000.00 View Details
Enhancing Sorghum Production, Processing And Marketing For Improved Small-holder Incomes And Livelihoods In Kenya

Kenya Agricultural Productivity and Agribusiness Project (KAPP)

Principal investigators:Dr. Erick Cheruiyot, Dr. E. Ngugi, Prof. G. Ouma, Mr. M. Kaibui, Dr. J. Mutysia, Dr. J. Mukhwana, Dr. I Agina, Dr. J. Mutunga, Mr. L. Maina

2011 2013 Kshs 1,663,667.00 in year one View Details
Value Added Bean Technologies For Enhancing Food Security, Nutrition, Income And Resilience To Cope With Climate Change And Variability Challenges In Eastern Africa.

Bioresources Innovation Network for Eastern Africa Development (Bio-Innovate).

Principal Investigators: Prof. P. M. Kimani/Mr. D. Karanja

2011 2013 US$ 82,900 in year one View Details
Screening Finger Millet Varieties For Adaptation To Drought Prone Ecological Regions Of Eastern Kenya As A Strategy To Combat Food Insecurity And Climate Change


2011 2013 US$ 59 930 View Details
Abundance, Genetic Diversity And Nodulation Efficiency Of Cowpea (vigna Unguiculata L.) Rhizobia In South Western Kenya Soils

National Council for Science and Technology

2011 2013 Kshs. 1,200,000.00 View Details
Enhancing Productivity Of Maize – Cowpea Intercropping Systems In Coastal Lowland Kenya Through Drought Resilent Varieties And Improved Water And Nutrient Management

National Council for Science and Technology

2011 2013 Kshs 800,000.00 View Details
Improving Incomes For Smallholder Farmers And Other Value Chain Actors Through Enhanced Productivity, Post Harvest Handling Technologies, Value Addition And Marketing Of Mango And Passion Fruit Products

KARI, Kenyatta University, Kamurugu/RIDA, KEFRI, Kamumo Products, JKUAT, KENFAP

2011 2012 Kshs. 825,000.00 View Details
Contribution Of Cleome Gynandra (cat’s Whiskers) To Food, Nutrition And Income For Rural Populations 2011 2012 Kshs. 250,000.00 View Details
Establishment Of Seed Enterprise Management Institute Project, To Facilitate Capacity Building And Support Quality Seed Production For Increased Food Security And Poverty Alleviation.

University of Nairobi, CIMMYT, AGRA and Iowa State University

2010 2013 US$ 4,508,686 Semis-Africa
Enhancing Productivity Of Drybean In The Face Of Climate Variability Through Drought Resilient Varieties.

KARI, Ministry of Agriculture

2010 2012 US$ 60,000 View Details
Enhancing The Postharvest Shelf Life Of Passion Fruits Grown Under Different Agro-ecological Conditions Through Application Of An Ethylene Inhibitor, 1-methylcyclpropene (1-mcp).

University of Nairobi and JKUAT 

2010 2012 US $ 9,400 View Details
Management Of The African White Rice Stem Borer, Maliarpha Separatella Ragonot (lepidoptera: Pyralidae) In Kenya 2010 2012 Kshs. 1,200,000.00 View Details
Role Of Hormonal Cross Talk And Signaling In The Postharvest Physiology Of Lisianthus Cut Flowers 2010 2012 Kshs. 1,200,000.00 View Details
Building Human And Institutional Capacity For Enhancing The Conservation And Use Of Neglected And Underutilized Species Of Crops In West Africa, And Eastern And Southern Africa

University of Nairobi, RUFORUM, IFS, Bioversity International, African Network for Agriculture, IRDCAM-(Benin), PGRRI (Ghana), University of Malawi

2009 2013 Euro 38,540.60 in year one View Details
Improving Tropical Legume Productivity For Marginal Environments In Sub-saharan Africa

University of Nairobi (CIAT, EAIR (Ethiopia), PABRA, Agric Research Council-Zimbabwe, CIAT-Malawi, Chitedze Agric Research Institute-Malawi

2009 2012 US$92,000 View Details
Strengthening Capacity For Marker Assisted Breeding For Common Bean In Eastern Africa

University of Nairobi, Makerere University

2009 2012 Kshs. 8,925,404.00 View Details
Amaranth Grain Production And Value Addition For Improved Livelihoods In The Lake Victoria Basin (lvb)

University of Nairobi, Makerere University Uganda, VEDCO

2008 2012 US$ 150,000 View Details
Centre Of Phytosanitary Excellence KEPHIS, CAB International, and International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC). 2008 2010 View Details
Improving Competitiveness Of Snap Beans For Domestic And Export Market Uganda, Tanzania, & Rwanda/ASARECA/Prof. J.H. Nderitu (PI) 2006 2009 538,714 Improving competitiveness of snap beans for domestic and export market
Enhanced Utilization Of Nutrient Rich Beans For Nutrition And Income. CIAT, CIDA, SDC, ACABEN/Chaiman Dept. of Plant Science & Crop Protection (PI) 2005 2008 114,470 View Details
Enhancing Competitiveness Of Beans For Domestic And Export Markets ASARECA/EU/CIAT, CIDA, SDC, ACABEN/Chairman(PI) 2005 2008 110,758 View Details
Participatory On-farm Identification, Dissemination And Maintenance Of Sweet-potato Varieties RUFORUM/CIP,PRPACE,M.W Mburu(PI) 2005 2007 54,000 View Details
Marker Assisted Breeding Of The Stay-green Trait Of Sorghum To Enhance Terminal Drought Tolerance In Eastern Africa- Asareca ASARECA/Dr. L. Ngugi(PI) 2005 2007 45,000 View Details
Fighting Striga; Deploying Genes For Resistance In Sorghum ASARECA (Kenya, Sudan, Eritrea)/Dr. Kahiu Ngugi(PI) 2005 2007 400,000 View Details
Pilot Project On Open Distance Learning At Msc Level CIAT,Makerere and University of Florida/USAID/Dr.G.K Kironchi,Prof. A.W Mwangombe(PI) 2005 2007 12,000 View Details
A Collaborative Program On Strengthening Environmental And Agricultural Capacities Through Distance Education (seac-de) A Collaborative Program of University of Florida and CIAT in Partnership with University of Nairobi and Makerere University. It is a funded Pilot Project for Africa/Prof. Mwangombe (PI) 2005 2005 12,000 View Details
Research Grant From Deans 2005 View Details
Improving Regional Competitiveness Of Snap Beans For Domestic And International Export Markets. PROF. NDERITU JOHN HURIA (PI) 2005 419 View Details
Development Of An Integrated Management Of Larger Grain Borer. PROF. NDERITU JOHN HURIA (P.I) 2005 View Details
Development And Implementation Of An Integrated Pest Management (ipm) System For Thrips On Snap Beans (phaseolus Vulgris L.) In Kenya. 2005 View Details
Development Of An Integrated Management Of Potato Aphids And Aphid Transmitted Viruses For Seed Potato Production. PROF. NDERITU JOHN HURIA (P.I) 2005 View Details
Development Of An Integrated Management Of Leaf Hoppers And Maize Streak Disease In Vegetable Maize In Central Irrigated Kenya 2005 View Details
Germplasm Enhancement And Maintenance (genam) Based On X-ray Fluorescent Spectroscopic Criterion As A Crop Improvement Strategy In The African Leafy Vegetable Species Modeled On Pa International Atomic Energy Agency/Prof. Levi S. M. Akundabweni(PI) 2005 8,000 View Details
Arresting The Scourge Of Striga Weed In Sorghum In Africa By Combining The Strengths Of Marker Assisted Breeding With Farmer Participatory Approaches Lead institute-ICRISAT, Partners: KARI, ARC Sudan, MALI , Eritrea Dr. Ariga(PI) 2004 2007 133,000 View Details
Arresting The Scourge Of Striga Weed In Sorghum In Africa By Combining Thestrengths Of Marker Assisted Breeding With Farmer Participatory Approaches GTZ/BMZ/BIOEARN, SIDA/Dr.E.K Ngugi(PI) 2004 2006 21,428 View Details
Improvement Of Grain Legume Production In Dry Lands Using Low Input Technologies. Funded By The African Institute For Capacity Development (aicad). Funded by the African Institute for Capacity Development (AICAD/DR. MUTHOMI JAMES W (P.I) 2004 2005 View Details
Forum On Research Husbandry (master Of Science Students Copmletion 2003/fs/063 Rockefeller/ Prof Agnes Mwangombe(PI) 2003 View Details
Applied Animal Manure On African Leafy Vegetables Grown In Lugare And Keiyo Districts For Agronomic Performance And Nutritional (vitamin And Trace Mineral) Quality The Rockefeller Foundation-FORUM/Margaret Jesang Hutchinson(PI) 2003 60,000 View Details
The African Leafy Project: Characterization Of The Micronutrient Density In African Germplasm IPGRI/Levi SM Akundabweni(PI) 2002 2004 18,000 View Details
Curriculum And Staff Development Rockefeller Foundation/ Prof. Mwangombe 2002 2003 26,614 View Details
Curriculum And Staff Development In The Faculty Of Agriculture, University Of Nairobi, Kenya: Review, Evaluation, And Way Forward . 2002 2003 View Details
Kenya Plant Genetic Resources Training Consortium (kpgrtc): A Stake Holder International Plant Genetic Resources Institute-Su-Saharan Africa(SSA)/Levi SM Akundabweni(PI) 2002 10,000 View Details
Management Of Aphids And Virus Diseases Under Farmer-based Seed Potato Production Systems In Kenya RUFORUM/Prof. J.H Nderitu, Dr. F. Olubayo(PI) 2001 2003 73,000 View Details
Characterization Of Candidatus Liberobactera Species / Strains And Survey Of Citrus Pests RUFORUM/KARI, Biotechnology Centre,Dr.F.M Olubayo, Dr. S.D Obukosia(PI),Prof. W.Kimani, Prof. E.W Mutitu 2001 2003 68,584 View Details
Determination Of Prevalence And Incidence Of Bean Root Rot Disease Complexes And Their Causal Agents In Farmers Rockefeller Foundation/Prof. Mwangombe(PI) 2001 2003 74,227 View Details
Citrus Tissue Culture Project Rockefeller/ S. D. Obukosia(PI) 2001 2000 40,420 View Details
Management Of Aphids And Virus Diseases Under Farmerbased Potato Production Systems In Kenya 2001 73 View Details
Improvement Of Drought Tolerance And Insect Resistance In Kenya Maize Using Biotechnologies KARI, ARC Sudan, MALI , Eritrea/ Dr. Kahiu Ngugi(PI) 2000 2004 157,142 View Details
Resource Use Of Pigeonpea (cajanus Cajan) And Maize (zea Mays) Intercrop In Kenya. Collaborator: Dr. Said N. Silim, ICRISAT. 2000 2003 View Details
Ogecha, J. And Nderitu, J. H. Effect Of Soil Fettility Amelioration And Host Plant Resistance On Damage By Beanflies In Common Beans 2000 2003 View Details
Development Of An Integrated Pest Management (ipm) System For Thrips On Snap Beans (phaseolus Vulgaris L.) In Kenya RUFORUM/KARI,Dr.F. Olubayo, Prof. J.H Nderitu(PI) 2000 2002 62,200 View Details
Isolation And Characterization Of Bioactive Compound(s) From Tephrosia Vogelii And Its Use As A Biorational On Pigeonpea (cajanus Cajan) Pests DR. OLUBAYO FLORENCE M.(P.I) 2000 2002 View Details
Embu Composite Seed Bulking And Distribution ECAMAW-CIDA/DR. NJOROGE KIARIE (P.I) 2000 5,253 View Details
Farm Evaluation Of Strees Tolerant Maize Germplasm Under Different Soil Moisture And Fertility Regimes DR. NJOROGE KIARIE (P.I) 2000 3,097 View Details
Use Of Indigenous Vegetables For Alleviation Of Malnutrition In Western Kenya. PROF. IGONSANGWA SHIBAIRO S (PI) 1999 2003 View Details
Collaboration: In The Higher Education Link Programme On Seed Technology. University of Nairobi and the university of Aberdeen, Scotland/DR. OLUBAYO FLORENCE M.(P.I) 1999 2002 View Details
Developing Post Harvest Technologies For Handling Sweet Potatoes. PROF. IGONSANGWA SHIBAIRO S (PI) 1999 2002 View Details
Development Of Post Harvest Technologies To Enable The Increase In Export And Use Of Green Peas Of Pigeon Peas. PROF. IGONSANGWA SHIBAIRO S(PI) 1999 2001 View Details
Development And Improvement Of Early Drought And Low N Tolerant Maize Population Adapted To Mid-attitude Dry Ecology Of Eastern Africa DR. NJOROGE KIARIE (P.I) 1999 View Details
Mumias Food Project PROF. IGONSANGWA SHIBAIRO S (PI) 1998 2002 View Details
Beans/maize Intercrop Rockefeller Foundation/Prof. Mwangombe(PI) 1998 2001 60 View Details
Beans/maize Intercrop Rockefeller Foundation/Prof. Mwangombe(PI) 1998 2001 60 View Details
Ipm Strategies In Intensifying Agriculture For Subsistence Farmers In Central And Western Kenya PROF. NDERITU JOHN HURIA (P.I) 1998 2000 View Details
Bean Breeding For East And Central Africa PROF. KIMANI PAUL M (PI) 1998 2000 View Details
Response Of New Maize Varieties To Low Nitrogen CIMMYT/KARI,Kimotho L.M (P.I), and K. Njoroge 1998 1999 View Details
Enhancing Biometry Support For Agriculture Postgraduate Students 1998 View Details
Strengthening M. Sc. Biometry Teaching At The Faculty Of Agriculture At The College Of Agriculture And Veterinary Sciences, University Of Nairobi (by The Establishment Of A Computi The Rockefeller Foundation Science Grant/Levi SM Akundabweni(PI) 1998 26,000 View Details
Asal Pigeonpea EU/Prof. Mwangombe(PI) 1997 2001 698,785 View Details
Pigeon Pea Research Project . Involved In Carrying Out Pra On The Constraints In The Production Of Pigeon Peas In Semi-arid Regions In Kenya. project funded by E.U/DR. OLUBAYO FLORENCE M.(P.I) 1997 2000 View Details
Research On Fusarium Head Blight Of Wheat:- Mycotoxin Production Of Various Fusarium Species; Mycotoxin Detection, Identification And Quantification By Reverse Phase Hplc; Determin Under sponsorship from German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)/DR. MUTHOMI JAMES W (P.I) 1997 2000 View Details
German Academic Exchange Services (daad) Phd Scholarship To Undertake A Sandwich Studies Programme (2 Years In Germany And 1 Year In Kenya). 1997 2000 View Details
International Training Workshop IDRC/ Dr. E. W. Mutitu(PI) 1997 33,120 View Details
Asal Pigeonpea BADC (Belgium)/Prof. Mwangombe(PI) 1996 2001 333,333 View Details
Arid And Semi Arid Lands: Pigeonpea 1996-2001 1996 2001 View Details
Pigeonpea Research 1996 2000 View Details
Intercropping Research PROF. KIMANI PAUL M (PI) 1996 2000 View Details
Potato Breeding PROF. KIMANI PAUL M(PI) 1996 1998 View Details
Integrated Management Of Major Pests Of French Beans (phaseolus Vulgaris L.) In Kenya 1995/1996) PROF. NDERITU JOHN HURIA (PI) 1995 1996 View Details
Seed Dissemination In Beans PROF. KIMANI PAUL M (PI) 1995 1996 View Details
Maizeovarieties Adaptation Trials 1994 1999 View Details
Morphoregulatory Role Of Thidiazuron: Somatic Embryogenesis In Geranium (pelargonium X Hortorum Bailey Cultures. DR. HUTCHINSON M JESANG (P.I) 1994 1996 View Details
Pest And Disease Management At Kibwezi Irrigation Project, Makueni District. PROF. NDERITU JOHN HURIA (P.I) 1994 1995 View Details
Were, H. K. Survey For Potato Leafroll Virus (plrv) Evaluation Of Some Potatoclones For Resistance To The Virus And Comparison Methods 1994 1995 240 View Details
Pyrethrum Research PROF. KIMANI PAUL M (PI) 1994 View Details
Integrated Management Of Major Pests Of French Beans (phaseolus Vulgaris L.) In Kenya. 1993/1995 PROF. NDERITU JOHN HURIA (PI) 1993 1995 3,000 View Details
Bean Pathology Research PROF. KIMANI PAUL M (PI) 1993 1995 View Details
Centro Internacional De Agricultura On-farm Bean Research Tropical (ciat), Cali, Colombia PROF. KIMANI PAUL M (PI) 1993 1994 View Details
The Effects Of Fertilizer N, Irrigation And Planting Density On Growth And Yield Of Beans DR. MBURU MARY WAMBUI K (P.I) 1992 1993 View Details
Development Of Tissue Culture Protocols For Tetraploid Alstroemeria Plants DR. HUTCHINSON M JESANG (P.I) 1992 1993 View Details
Minimum Tillage Utilisation IDRC/ Prof. Michieka(PI) 1992 46 View Details
Ibpgr Sponsored Tour Stages In The Usa Laboratories To Learn Novel Procedures Potentially Useful For Gene/trait Screening In Germplasm. IPGRI/Pro.Levi SM Akundabweni(PI) 1992 5,000 View Details
To Develop Technologies For Post-harvest Handling Of Vegetables. 1991 2002 View Details
Bean Pathology Project Rockefeller Foundation/Prof. Mwangombe(PI) 1991 1993 60 View Details
Antibiotic Production By Soil Actinomycetes And Use Of Antibiotics To Control Plant Diseases. Msc. Study 1991 1992 View Details
To Develop Technologies For Post-harvest Handling Of Vegetables. 1991 1992 View Details
Kenya Country Situation Report: Field Surveys & Food Preparation Of A Situation Report. United Nations University/Institute of Natural Resources in Africa (UNU/INRA)/Levi SM Akundabweni.(PI) 1991 7,000 View Details
Onion Research PROF. KIMANI PAUL M(PI) 1990 1995 View Details
Survey And Control Of Sweet Popato Insect Pests With Special Emphasis On Potato Weevil, Cylas Spp. Collaborative research of KARI and CIP. PROF. NDERITU JOHN HURIA (PI) 1990 1994 View Details
University Of Nairobi Msc. Scholarship. 1990 1992 View Details
Assessment Of Beanfly Incidence, Damage And Losses In Subsistence Farmers Fields In Five Districts Of Kenya. PROF. NDERITU JOHN HURIA (PI) 1990 1992 3,000 View Details
The Mechanism Of Infection To Coffee, Coffea Arabica, By Colletotrichum Coffeanum Noack. Dean 1990 1992 1,154 View Details
Capacity Building For Research Agronomy Of The African Clovers For Kenya Highlands. PANESA-ILCA/Levi SM Akundabweni(PI) 1990 1,500 View Details
Pilot Studies On The Relationship Between Disease, Insects And Weeds In Intercropping Systems. Commonwealth Sciences/Prof. Mwangombe (PI) 1989 1990 View Details
Collection Of Kenyan Wild Legume Germplasm And Breeding For Possible Introduction Into The Semi Arid (asal) Cultivation Systems. University of Nairobi Deans Committee Grant/Levi S M Akundabweni(PI) 1988 1,286 View Details
Pigeonpea Research (IDRC)PROF. KIMANI PAUL M(PI) 1983 1992 View Details
Growth And Development Of Alstroemeria Cut-flowers-post -harvest Handling Of Alstroemeria Cut- Flowers 1983 1987 View Details
Survey Of Seed Industry In The Semi-arid Region Of Kenya BCIMMYT/EU/Lutta Muhammad(P.I), K. Njoroge and Charles Bett. 4,207 View Details
Enhancing Biometry In Universities In The Sub-saharan Region View Details
Breeding For Root Rots And Angular Leafspot In Beans PROF. KIMANI PAUL M (PI) View Details
Development And Implementation Of Management Strategies For Sweet Potato Weevil, Cylas Species In Easter Kenya. PROF. NDERITU JOHN HURIA (P.I) 70 View Details
Cultural And Chemical Control Of Weeds In Crops. A National Council For Science And Technology Funded Project PROF. MICHIEKA RATEMO WAYA (P.I) View Details
Control Of Oxalis Latifolia H.b.k. PROF. MICHIEKA RATEMO WAYA(P.I)National Council for Science and Technology funded project View Details
Minimum Conservation PROF. MICHIEKA RATEMO WAYA (P.I) International Development Research Centre (IDRC) funded project View Details
Integrated Pest Management Project PROF. MICHIEKA RATEMO WAYA (P.I)Commonwealth Secretariat Council funded View Details
Ministry Of Agriculture Taskforce On The Control Of Striga Hermonthica In Maize, Sorghum And Sugarcane PROF. MICHIEKA RATEMO WAYA (P.I) View Details
Linking Functional Agrobiodiversity To Land Use And Nutriceutical-based Cropping As A Poverty And Hidden Hunger Reduction Strategy: A Gender-based Pilot Study On Smallhold Women Fa Kenyatta University,University of Dar Es Salaam,Makerere University,VICRESS/Prof.Levi S M Akundabweni(PI) 50,000 View Details
Biological Nitrogen Fixation In Vegetable And Green Manure Legumes In Kenya (Supported by the Legume Research Network Project of KARI)/DR. CHEMININGWA GEORGE N (P.I) View Details
Upland Rice Agronomy Research: New Rice Cultivars For Africa (nerica) Trials. (Supported by JICA)/DR. CHEMININGWA GEORGE N (P.I) View Details
Role Of Gender In Maize Varietal Selection In Machakos District. ECAPAPA funded project/DR. CHEMININGWA GEORGE N (P.I) View Details
Integrated Nutrient Management In Snap Bean Production (ASARECA, Prof. Nderitu/DR. CHEMININGWA GEORGE N (P.I) View Details
Identified The Major Causes Of The Rot Complex Of Pyrethrum Which Is A Big Constraint In Pyrethrum Production And Worked On Effective Management Strategies. PROF. MUTITU EUNICE W.(P.I) View Details
Identified Major Causes Of Ear Rot Of Maize In Central And Eastern Provinces-currently PROF. MUTITU EUNICE W.(P.I) View Details
Working On The Mycotoxins Produced By The Fungal Pathogens. PROF. MUTITU EUNICE W.(P.I) View Details