Our Mission

Department of Plant Science and Crop ProtectionVision

To be a leading and vibrant centre of excellence for university level training, research, development, preservation and dissemination of knowledge in Plant Sciences and Environmental Conservation.


To provide conducive learning environment for quality education and training that promotes scholarship, stimulates research, innovation and technology development, consultancy and community service for improved livelihoods and sustainable development.


The department shall aspire individually and collectively to nurture and embrace the following core values:

1. Freedom of thought and expression in the pursuit of academic excellence and professionalism.

2. Innovativeness in teaching, research and stakeholder engagement to ensure holistic development for all

3. A sense of belonging and positive image by and for all

4. Integrity, honesty, meritocracy, transparency and fair play in all our activities Development of morally and ethically upright professionals

5. Teamwork and strong partnerships with all stakeholders. Respect of rights, beliefs and diversity of all stakeholders

6. A strong and committed sense of social responsibility and citizenship in our students and staff.

7. A life-long pursuit of experiential learning.

8. Transformative and participatory leadership and management

9. Respect for and protection of the environment.

10. Accountability of all human and financial resources in the Department

11. Trust the good intentions of all stakeholders in our engagements

Strategic Objectives

  1. To manage the Department efficiently by utilizing 100% of allocated funds on the programmed activities annually.
  2. To grow the Department resource base by increasing the academic revenue through increased student intake and research grants by 10% annually.
  3. To produce quality and holistic graduates in plant sciences by organizing at least six mentorship sessions for students annually.
  4. To contribute to the development of society by participating in 10 outreach activities annually.
  5. To enhance the competitiveness and image of the Department as a centre of academic excellence in plant sciences by increasing openness and presence on the Department website by 10% annually.
  6. To enhance strategic partnership and collaboration by establishing two multi-stakeholder projects annually.
  7. To enhance competitiveness of the academic training through review and development of at least six (6) curricula that are responsive to emerging issues, changing policy and client needs.