KENET Online Courses for System/Network Administrators and Faculty

Dear All

I would like to invite you to register and invite the relevant staff in your institutions to undertake the KENET developed courses. These are online self-paced courses currently being offered by KENET at NO COST to its members. All you will require to undertake the courses is a laptop, Internet connection, and a commitment to complete the course.


The courses are as follows: 


The Cyber Security Awareness Course is designed for anyone who works online with a computer or smartphone. This course will give you tips on how to stay safe while online, the importance of cybersecurity, the tools, and resources needed to stay safe online. This is an online self-paced course and is divided into 14 modules and requires less than 30 minutes each to complete, and the entire course can be completed within 2 weeks. A KENET certificate is available for learners who successfully complete the course. Registration is now open at  


The Introduction to Moodle Course is designed for faculty who are keen on learning how to use Moodle a learning management system worldly used in learning institutions for online and blended learning. This will be a hands-on course where you will get access to a Moodle learning management system to do hands-on exercises and practice what has been taught during the duration of the course. KENET will issue a certificate upon successful completion of the course. The KENET team will also be available to assist faculty during the course. Registration is now open at  


The Introduction to Network Operations Course by ISOC. This is an introductory course targeted at novice/entry-level UNIX/Linux users pursuing careers in Network or System Administration. This course is practically oriented and provides step-by-step guidance on how to configure a UNIX/Linux server and then run a Caching Domain Name System (DNS) server in a virtualized environment. KENET recommends all system and network administrators to undertake this course as it is a prerequisite for the Network Monitoring and Advanced Cyber Security Courses. To register for the course kindly register at 


The Network Monitoring and Management Course is designed for those who are involved in system management, network monitoring and management, and incident response. The target audience includes System and Network Administrators managing institutions’ networks and any audience interested in a conceptual understanding of the architecture, attributes, protocols, and features of the network. To participate in this course, you need to be proficient in Unix /Linux. The class size is limited to 30. As you register kindly select the preferred month to undertake the course. Registration is ongoing at 


The Advanced Cyber Security Course goes beyond the topics covered in entry-level cybersecurity awareness. This course is designed to provide advanced knowledge and skills to help keep computer systems safe from data breaches and cyberattacks. The course is designed for advanced System and Network administrators with knowledge of TCP/IP networks and are proficient in Unix and Linux environments. The class size is limited to 30 participants. As you register, kindly select the preferred month to undertake the course. Registration is ongoing at 


The KENET team will be in touch with details about how to log in and access the course in the first week of the month of the preferred start date.


Kindly invite the system & network administrators to undertake the relevant courses. Share with the faculty the Introduction to Moodle Course and Cyber security awareness courses.


KENET strives to equip you with relevant skills.