Training on Publishing of Institutional Journals using Open Journal System (OJS)

One of the strategic objectives of the university is to increase the visibility and impact of the research output.

The university has implemented a digital repository with an aim to make the institutional research discoverable and accessible globally. Besides, there are other open access initiatives that can be adapted to enhance visibility of local research and improve ranking of the university.

 The university has developed an open journal system to manage institutional journals with an aim of making the research visible globally. However, the progress of implementation of the system has been slow. It is on this basis that the Library Department has organized an online training on “Publishing of Institutional Journals using Open Journal System (OJS)”. The training is scheduled on 25th February 2022 from 10.00 AM to 12.00 PM (EAT).

 The aim of the training is to:

          I. Support implementation of OJS to increase visibility and accessibility of local research globally thus improving university ranking and collaboration.

        II.  Make open access publishing a viable option for the faculty staff to  increase readership as well as to contribute to the public good on a global scale

     III.   Encourage researchers to publish their articles in institutional scholarly journals.

The training will provide an overview of the fundamentals of using OJS. At the end of the training, participants will have knowledge to create and configure a new journal, understand the manuscript tracking system and editorial steps, create a journal issue, establish the submission process, and have an overview of how to manage OJS publishing for their local journals.

The training targets Faculty members, Editors, Peer-Reviewers, Administrators, Intellectual property staff, ICT staff, Librarians, Post-Graduate Students, Research managers and Researchers/authors.

 Below is the Training Link;

Publishing of Institutional Journals using Open Journal System (OJS)

Faculty Staff, Editors & Peer-Reviewers,

All Students & Researchers


10:00 – 12:00