Call for Abstract and contributions

Abstract submission is open until 11th February 2022.

Dear all, 


Call for abstracts and contributions 11th February 2022- Eco Innovations and sustainability transitions in Agricultural production in the Global South. 

EWA BELT would like to share with you this interesting initiative of some colleagues from the University of Hannover who are organizing a Special Session dedicated to Eco-Innovations and Sustainability Transitions in Agricultural Production in the Global South‘ within the Global Conference on  Economic Geography, which will take place in Dublin (Ireland) in June 2022.


Contributions from EWA BELT research activities are very welcome and fit perfectly with the topic of the Special Session.

The Special Session shall be open to a broad range of presentations that may include conceptual work, case study presentations as well as findings from field experiments. The Special Session may thus bring together human geographers and physical geographers. Since the thematic focus shall be on tropical agriculture, the regional contexts covered will most likely be African, Latin American, and South/South-East Asian regions. 


Abstract submission is open until 11th February 2022.


Please find more detailed information on the Conference and on the procedures to participate  here: