The students get exposure to hands on experience and support research in various thematic areas covered, the department has seven well equipped laboratories. The available laboratory space can host 191 students and different research activities. The laboratories are Botany and Genetics, Biometry, Tissue Culture, Molecular Biology, Plant Pathology, entomology and seed quality laboratories.

  1.  Botany and Genetics image

This laboratory is used for plant genetics, plant physiology and botany practical sessions and has capacity of one hundred students,

  1. Tissue Culture image

In this laboratory plant tissue culture training is carried out and can host three students

  1. Plant pathology

Pant disease management practical sessions are curried out in this laboratory can host ten students

  1. Molecular Biology

In this laboratory is used for molecular techniques and serological procedures it has capacity of three students

  1. Biometry

Agricultural statistical training is offered in this laboratory it is designed to accommodate fifteen students

  1. Entomology

Used for the study of insects of agricultural importance it can host 40 students

  1. Seed Quality

The laboratory is used for seed quality analysis and related studies it hosts twenty students

Tissue culture laboratory