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Insects for Income Generation Through Animal Feed: Effect of Dietary Replacement of Soybean and Fish Meal With Black Soldier Fly Meal on Broiler Growth and Economic Performance

The ever-increasing animal feed costs are driving many vulnerable communities involved in animal husbandry out of business. The high cost is mainly driven by the protein source, which represents the most expensive component in animal feed. In conventional feed, protein is obtained mainly from soybean and fish meal (SFM). The present study explored the potential of partially replacing this SFM with black soldier fly prepupae meal (BSFPM) in Cobb 500 broiler chicken diets.

Biopesticide-based IPM systems to reduce synthetic pesticide residues in vegetables for niche market access by small holder growers 

In the last few decades, farmers have relied on synthetic pesticides to managed crop pests and diseases. This is because synthetic pesticides are easily available, have quick knock down effect, have varied modes of action and are reliable. However, some synthetic pesticides are not easily degraded, they leave residues in crop products, are expensive, are harmful to the user and are an environmental hazard.

Controlling soil erosion in smallholder potato farming systems using legume intercrops 

Competition for nitrogen (N) and phosphorous (P) under potato-based intercropping systems decreases the level of nutrients available for potato and subsequently influences nitrogen and phosphorous use efficiency.